April 1, 2013 through
May 1, 2013

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Package 1 - Chi Machine
New Improved Model!
As Seen on TV!

Original Price: $499.00

As Low As: $399.00

Package 2 - Advanced ERE

Original Price: $450.00

As Low As: $399.00

Package 3 - E-Power

Original Price: $618.00

As Low As: $529.00

The Original Chi Machine

FDA regulated passive aerobic exerciser and massager. Provides detoxification, oxygenation and spine alignment. This is the patented original Chi Machine invented by Japanese Dr Shizuo Inoue. Don’t settle for cheap imitators that may even harm you!


As Low As $399.00

Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE)

Based on reflexology principles that areas in the feet and hands correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body. Helps to relax muscles, relieve tension, promote circulation, quickly soothe and refresh aching feet and kills parasites.


As Low As $399.00


The SOQI Total Health Spa = Chi Machine + 3 FIR Hot Houses + professional massage bed. The latest in scientific technology integrating motion energy, thermal energy and audio system for total relaxation, energy and wellness.



E-Power + Facial Mask

When people go walking with bare feet in the early morning, it can balance the electric potential in their body, normalize their ions field, in addition to improving their health.


As Low As $529.00

Power Eyes

The Power Eyes combines air pressure, heat compress, and vibration massage which can improve blood circulation around the eye area. This deep therapy helps speed up the metabolism process around the eyes. It also prevents eye disease, aging, and also helps eliminate dark circles and fine wrinkles around the eyes.


As Low As $109.00

FIR HotHouse

The FIR Tropical Warming Unit (HotHouse™) produces its unique effect through radiant FIR (Far Infrared Rays) heat. Its unique arched design enhances the thermal effect. HotHouse/Grand HH + FIR Pad


As Low As $729.00


Dr. John M. Buckler, DC
Lymphatics, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical
Sensitivities, Chiropractors

Lynn & I wanted to drop you a line to let you know just how much we appreciate our Chi Machine. Lynn is now up to 6 minutes 2 times a day. She is enjoying an increase in range of motion as well as improved energy throughout the day.

Being Doctors of Chiropractic, we have spent many thousands of dollars researching health related equipment. The Chi Machine qualifies as one of the most important modalities that we have tested over the past 10 years.

John M. Buckler, DC

Original Chi Machine by HTE, Far Infrared HotHouse & More!

The Original Chi Machine
On The Doctors!


The Original Chi Machine On
Hunter Tylo’s Life & Leisure Show

Be Aware of Fake Chi Machines that are NOT seen on “The Doctors” Show.
Anyone calling these devices "Chi Machines" are doing so illegally.

You can see the registered trademark here.